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Splints & Anti-Snoring Devices

Do you sometimes suffer from limited opening of your mouth. 


Do you find that you are constantly having to repair teeth that seem to be cracking bits off. 


Do you find that you suffer from pain in your TMJ. 


These conditions and some others result from habits that many of us develop over time to cope with stressful situations. Such as clenching or grinding of teeth.

Splints are removable devices custom made for you. They can serve many purposes.

The main function is to prevent the further loss of tooth structure through

Specialised splints can be designed to protect the remaining tooth structure and provide relief from pain in and around the muscles of the Tempero-mandubular joint (TMJ)

The type of splint you need is dependant on the cause and current presentation of your situation. This will be assessed at the time of your examination.

Anti-snoring Devices

Do you suffer from snoring. In some situations this can be alleviated through the use of a custom made device. 


The type and costs vary significantly. From £650 for a simple device to 3300 for a much harder wearing cobalt chrome devise such as the Somnowell antisnoriing . 


These devices are not appropriate for people with Sleep Apnoea without a through assessment from a specialist that may necessitate the use of CPAP devices or in some cases surgery.


I Have been going to Bromley Dental studio for years now, I wouldn't go anywhere else. My Dentist (Dave) has always been patient with me, talking to me about the procedures and making sure I'm comfortable. Dave cares about his patients and would do anything to ensure they are not in pain. I can't emphasise enough how well run and caring this Dental Surgery is. I would recommend it to anyone.

- D.J -

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