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New Patient

The new patient examination contains the following:

30-minute appointment

Oral cancer screening

Bromley Dental Studio Comprehensive 10 point Assessment

Digital X-Rays included

Detailed advice on prevention

A clear treatment plan that you understand with any questions answered & Free follow up appointment to discuss any queries with your treatment plan

All for £65


New Patients at Bromley Dental Studio

We are accepting new private patients at Bromley Dental Studio. Please telephone 0208 464 2900, or if you would prefer to send us an email please use the contact form.

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Your First Visit

On your first visit your dentist will give a thorough dental examination, including a periodontal (gum) assessment.

We will try to book your first consultation with the dentist of your choice. We will accommodate your request wherever possible, however, if the dentist you have requested is fully booked we will give you the options available for you.

Plan and estimate

Everyone of our patients is unique and has different requirements and needs. Our Dentists will offer you a treatment plan with the recommended treatments and any alternatives that are available so you will be able to make an informed decision.

Transparent, simple, and realistic

The costs of the recommended treatment will be given to you at your first consultation so you have a clear idea of what your treatment will cost. Please be aware this will be an estimate as treatment can and may change during your course of treatment.

Our Patient Portal

At Bromley Dental Studio, we have introduced an automated secure patient portal. Our cutting-edge dental software will allow you as service users to complete all your dental forms from the comfort and convenience of your home.

It will:

  • Provide patients with direct access to the Patient Portal straight from the automated reminder process

  • Enable forms to be completed straight from the patient’s smart phone ahead of their appointment.

  • Send patients a self-check-in code

NHS Patients

Bromley Dental Studio has been providing NHS dental services since 2005 to patients in Bromley, Beckenham, Petts wood, Orpington and surrounding areas in South East London.

We provide a comprehensive range of NHS dental treatments at NHS dentist charges, in a relaxing environment.

The procedure

To book an NHS appointment with us please call 0208 464 2900 to discuss availability.

Generally, each course of NHS dental treatment has three variants of prices. Prices will vary depending on the kind of treatment needed.

Please be aware certain treatments like teeth whitening and white fillings in back teeth are not available on the NHS as these are classed as cosmetic procedures. If you are an NHS patient you are still able to opt for private treatment and remain as an NHS patient.

Failed appointments and late cancellations

We realise that occasionally a change in circumstances may occur which means you may have to cancel or amend your appointment. We ask that you allow the practice 24 hours notice so that we can allocate the time to another patient. If the practice is not given sufficient notice a cancellation fee will be charged. We reserve the right to refuse further appointments for patients who consistently fail to attend their appointments Or cancel at short notice.

Need An Emergency Appointment?

If you require an emergency appointment during normal working hours please telephone 020 8464 2900.

If you need emergency dental treatment outside normal working hours then please telephone NHS 111

When to consult an emergency dentist and what is an emergency? 

If you have been in an accident and have had any sort of head injury, it is best to go to your nearest accident and emergency department. A traffic accident, falling off a bike, falling down stairs, or sustaining a sports injury can all cause an impact that breaks or loosens teeth, but your most serious injury could be concussion. You may need urgent assessment at your nearest A&E department.

If you have no signs of a head injury, but you experience one or more of the following, your dental emergency definitely warrants a visit to an out-of-hours dentist:

Knocking out a tooth

If this happens you are likely to be in a lot of pain, and your mouth will be bleeding. You need to retrieve your tooth or teeth, or get someone nearby to help with that, and then get help from a 24-hour emergency dentist within the next hour. Prompt action can mean the difference between saving your teeth, and losing them permanently.

An extruded tooth

This is a similar type of injury, usually caused by impact, but the tooth has not actually come out. It might have been knocked away from its usual position, or it might be hanging in by thin threads of tissue. After pushing the tooth back into position if you can, you need to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible, particularly if you are in a ‘hanging by the thread’ situation.

A broken tooth

If the end of the tooth has broken away, but there is no bleeding, this is less of a dental emergency. It may be possible to wait until the next day to see an emergency dentist during working hours. If the broken tooth has also been knocked out of position, and the broken edge is sharp, this is a dental emergency that needs to be seen as soon as possible because of the danger of your tongue or lips being damaged by the rough edge.

Damage to your teeth that causes severe pain

If you have been involved in an accident and have had a blow to your mouth or jaw, and you have severe pain in your teeth, there may be serious damage even though no teeth are obviously missing or broken. You may need an X-ray or other investigation to find out if you need treatment. Most dentists agree that severe pain after trauma always qualifies as a dental emergency.

Severe dental bleeding

Any damage to the teeth that causes significant bleeding, particularly blood loss that does not stop within a few minutes, is a dental emergency.

Swelling or abscess

Tooth abscesses do not generally develop very suddenly, but it is possible for a nagging toothache to develop into a serious swelling with severe pain fairly quickly. If you have a serious dental infection that is giving you severe pain and flu-like symptoms, this is a dental emergency. If the swelling is making it difficult for you to breathe or swallow you need to go to A&E urgently.


For years, Bromley Dental Studio, and particularly my dentist, Leo Tam, have provided me with exceptional dental care. Leo is not only a very skilled and highly proficient dentist, but he is gentle, kind and reassuring. He explained every step of the procedure, and engaged with me throughout, to make sure that I was relaxed and comfortable. In my 50+ years of seeing various dentists, both in the UK and US, Leo is by far the most professional and most personable one I have seen. In addition to my highest recommendation of Leo, I similarly praise the hygienists and receptionists at Bromley Dental Studio, and extend my huge thanks to the entire team.

- B -

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