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Payment Plan

Applying for finance with Tabeo is easy!

Tabeo provides payments solutions for Bromley Dental Studio and many other healthcare businesses in the UK.

With Tabeo, it only takes 2 minutes to apply for an interest-free loan. The process to apply for a loan has never been easier. Here’s how it works:


1. Receive a finance link

After your consultation at the practice, they will send you a request by email or sms.


2. Choose how to pay

Just click the link in the email and select the payment option that suits you best


3. Time to apply

The credit application is really short, you can breeze through it in 2 minutes.

Tabeo’s algorithms are able to give you a response in under 3 seconds. If you’re approved, you just need to choose when you want payments to be collected each month and you can start the loan right away.

Ready to start?

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