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Holistic Dentistry in Bromley

When a tooth breaks in your mouth it is generally due to a multitude of factors. 

In assessing your mouth at the time of examination There are often clues to the reasons for this. Evidence of previous fillings and tooth wear. A bruxism habit. 

Our aim at Bromley Dental Studio is to help you build back your smile but with a focus on trying to stop further deterioration of other teeth. 

This can take the form of full mouth rehabilitation involving multiple restorations and disciplines that incorporate orthodontics, implants and bridge and crown work.  

It may also take the form of providing you with bite guards (such as the Michigan Splint) designed to reduce the stresses transferred to the teeth. 


I am very pleased that I found this practice, Smita gave me my smile back, and I would highly recommend her. The nurse is very sweet and despite I was very nervous about my treatment, they have been very supportive. It is difficult to find dentists who really care about their patients, well Smita really does.

I am also really happy with the hygienist, she showed me the best way to take care of my teeth. Reception takes its time to get back when enquired, if at all. But my overall experience was great.

- M.M -

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