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Advanced Periodontal Therapy in Bromley

Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria that attach to the tooth. This bacteria, when not removed regularly, in many cases can result in the loss of bone around the tooth. As you lose bone around the tooth, it becomes much harder to clean and the process of bone loss progresses. 

Why see a specialist?

Unstable Periodontal disease

Often the pockets that develop around the teeth can be managed through regular visits to the Hygienist. If it can be seen that the periodontal disease is progressing you may benefit from a referral to a specialist who can provide treatment options that are beyond the scope of the general dentist or hygienist.

Aesthetic sculpting of the gingiva

As well as treating Periodontal disease, our periodontal specialist can provide methods to reduce the recession of the gum around your teeth or to sculpt the gingival tissues to give you a balanced and symmetrical appearance.


My family always get excellent care at this dental surgery. My daughter was anxious about her appointment but the Dentist put her at ease talking her through everything he was doing from the injection to the filling asking if she was ok and put her completely at ease. Very friendly staff. Highly recommend.

- E.B -

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